Sprite work and game engine

Hey! I've been pretty busy with my day job and working on sprite animations in general. 

You can check out and even buy the character in this game (with more animations) from the Unity asset store. Below is a demo video of all the animations I made for this character.

After futzing with the game engine some more, I have an overall idea for the 'story' and purpose of the game, and I think it means I will have to re-do the game using the Unity physics engine. The good news is I have the level purposes and layouts sketched out and I have the features mapped, but the current implementation of the physics, which is a series of raycasts, isn't ideal for movement. I do want to keep the moving platforms, so some form of the physics system will stay, but it just won't be for the player. 

In any case, enjoy the video below. 




ventedpennies-metroidvania_creator-default-webgl-4.zip 8 MB
Nov 01, 2017

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