Welcome to the first entry for my cyberpunk inspired 2d platformer. As a kid, I grew a certain fondness for anime, particularly the cyberpunk genre, and the heroine "Naomi Armitage" has stuck with me for 20 years now. The main player in the game is inspired by the character, although drawn by myself. I wanted to learn how to create sprites and sprite animations.

The idea is that the character is in the near-distant future where everyone who lives in 'the city' enjoy beautiful lives, but those outside the city are left to their own devices. The character is trying to collect the items, so she can make enough money to send her younger brother to the city. If the player collects them all, the brother goes to the city and lives his life there. If not, the brother stays.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the gameplay. My next step is creating new tilesets and sprite creations, so I can showcase the contrast between city life and outside city life in the game. 



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Sep 04, 2017

Get Cyberpunk Anime Updated, Playable first level

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