Receiving Feedback & Exploring Ideas

Some feedback I received from Dog Catcher included that it was frustrating when two dogs came at the same time and it was impossible to catch them. I agree that impossible tasks within game design is especially frustrating. There's nothing worse than playing your best and having no room to improve because it's physically impossible to do so. 

With that in mind, I could have restricted the number of dogs that fall to 1 at a time. From a developers point of view, this is rather easy. Once the player catches the dog, or once the dog hits the floor, another one spawns. However, I don't know if this would be the best approach. Yes, it provides consistency, but it also feels too consistent. 

In this new version, the player can place a 'mattress' and the mattress will bounce the dog back up into the air. This way, the player can strategically place the mattress, so multiple dogs don't feel impossible. There's some tweaking to do with bounciness and such, but as a mechanic it feels pretty fun to me. Even just watching the dogs bounce off the mattress can be a good time. 

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