The Dog Catcher

Hey all,

The idea for this prototype came from two sources: one, my nephew Camden, technically my cousin once removed but I like nephew better, gave me an idea for a game where you catch cats and dogs and you repair the ones that you miss. Perhaps the game will eventually make its way there, but this leads to my second source of motivation. Two, I wanted to challenge myself to keep the project simple and get a finished and released game before Oct. 31st.

The player model for the game comes from Camden, whom modeled the player on his phone and like his father he's a fantastic artist. The dogs themselves are also 3d models and the background are sprites from open game art.

I think the basic systems are down. I want to include a leaderboard before release, but right now it's all about polish. Making the assets look good, refining the particle system, creating/finding new sources of sounds and music. 

Until next update, 



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