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Hey All,

This is a project game started while taking my first Unity course via PlayCrafting. The idea  was pretty simple: ram other ships, collect loot, repeat.  

One of the largest obstacles for getting this to work was making it so the player doesn't sink too far under the water plane and then end up voiding out into the gameworld. I believe that problem has been resolved. 

Future plans include improving A.I. and working in a item collection system. There is a rudimentary leaderboard system in place, although webGL gives it some problems. It works as a standalone Windows or Mac build, but I imagine this will be a mobile release at some point or tablet. 

Once I have an item system in place, I may work on increasing the challenge and difficulty through the ships attacking the player or shooting at the player. Right now, the only damage the player takes is through hitting ships when not in RAM mode, and time. 

If you give a good, please feel free to include suggestions! What did you find fun? What do you wish you could also do?



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Sep 08, 2017

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