Trump Shmup, or Stable Genius Simulator

Hi all, 

I had a quick idea while playing around with one of my projects. It's pretty simple, but I like the logic behind it. 

Use your head to disable government systems in order to release more cash value into the system. Then, collect the cash, but some of the things you are destroying also want to destroy you! 

I like how the cash gets thrown across the screen, so the player now has to choose whether to go for it and risk death or wait but risk less cash grabbing. I also like how the enemies that can kill you look the same as the ones you don't. I meant it to reinforce the idea that it's very difficult to decide who is friend or foe, but there is a small hint if you can catch it in the game =)

I think my highest cash grabs have been in the teens. It's quite difficult to be a stable genius imo. What do you think?



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Jan 10, 2018

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