This demonstrates my freely available scripting package at the Unity3D store:

Free Version:!/content/113657

Pro Version:!/content/119889

YouTube videos showcasing some of its abilities can be found here: 

Want to add some interactive environmental elements to your game like what Don't Starve or other similar survival games have? Here's a package to get you started! 

This package includes a scripting system that allows 4 element types to interact with each other: 

The element type is defined by a base script, and the base script can be added to any Unity3D gameobject! That's it, everything can be customized via the inspector, no coding necessary! 

Interactions include: 
-Fire sets Wood ablaze 
-Fire propagates across Wood objects 
-Fire evaporates Water 
-Ice freezes Water 
-Fire melts Ice into Water 
-Ice or Water can extinguish Fire 

The interactions can be configured to work via OnCollisions or OnTriggers with a simple button click. Advanced users will be able to integrate their own physics systems seamlessly. 

How to implement the system in your own game is briefly described in the videos and shows how easy it is. Just add 1 script! The underlying systems behind the interactions are also described in the YouTube videos.

Please let me know what you think! I'm always looking for things to add to the system to help people make their games. 

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